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Lucky Jet is an analogue of Aviator, which quickly found its audience due to improved graphics, beautiful sound, and an unforgettable atmosphere in which the player finds himself as soon as he makes a bet. Instead of the usual Aviator plane in Lucky Jet, the gambler will have to control Lucky Joe, who uses a jetpack rather than an airborne aircraft to take off. The player’s task is to stop the main character’s field before he flies off the screen.

The Lucky Jet crash game is one of the few that gives you a high chance of regularly winning money. All you need to do is register at the 1Win casino, make a deposit and make your first bet. You can also evaluate all the benefits of the betting on a demo account.

Gameplay principle of Lucky Jet

Luckyjet does not have complicated rules. The casino client needs to make a single or double bet, wait for the pilot to take off and stop it in a timely manner. If you hesitate and risk waiting for a higher multiplier, the risk of losing your bet increases.

From the first seconds of Joe’s flight, the coefficient increases on the playing field, and the pilot can fly beyond it at any moment. Here, a lot depends on luck, the player’s ability to analyze statistics, use strategies and signals.

Unlike classic slots, Lucky Jet does not have in-game bonuses – the player does not have to wait for a wild, scatter or joker to appear – the winnings will be multiplied by the coefficient displayed on the screen and instantly credited to the casino client’s in-game account.

Tips and tricks for winning bets on Lucky Jet

Tips and tricks for winning bets on Lucky Jet

Navigating the gambling territory of 1Win and other establishments is an exciting journey. The casino offers dozens of entertainment options for every taste. However, more and more often, gambling representatives prefer Lac Jet to other slots for well-developed mechanics, pleasing to the eye design and a decent payout percentage. At the same time, people who have impressive experience interacting with the game believe that the following factors will help newcomers conquer Lac Jet:

Bankroll management

Proper handling of deposits is the basic rule of gambling discipline. It is advisable to set a limit on the balance – a limit on the amount that can be spent daily without impacting the budget. If the limit is reached, some of the funds are lost, or it was not possible to increase the balance by a certain percentage, you should not continue betting – it is better to leave the game and return the next day.

Rules and mechanics

Before starting a game for real money, it is recommended to study its rules and nuances, look into the settings, and understand the mechanics. The more time devoted to technical issues, the more effective decisions a gambler will be able to make.

Demo mode

The demo version of Lucky Jet was created specifically so that the player can understand the principle of the slot without spending money on bets. The demo involves gaming using coins issued by the casino. Within the mode you can:

  • understand the principle of flight, identify patterns;
  • get acquainted with the options and basic settings of the machine;
  • analyze the history of rounds;
  • test strategies and learn how to use signals.

Low volatility

Slot machines that have high volatility allow you to win large sums. However, they can lead to loss of balance, since prize money is not given often. Low volatility games, including Lucky Jet, provide frequent wins with small winnings. Lucky Joe falls into the category of entertainment that allows you to bet safely to win often. You should not constantly wait for a large coefficient, because it is much more effective to take regular prize money with small multipliers.

Psychologists warn that playing such games while intoxicated is dangerous. Substances contained in alcoholic drinks excite the nervous system, force them to make rash moves, and often make the player feel negative. Moreover, even a small amount of alcohol in the blood forces you to play on emotions, which is contraindicated in the case of a casino.

You also cannot count on regular earnings from slots. It is important to regard the casino as leisure, a source of positivity. Here you can either come out a winner or a loser.

Strategies for winning at Lucky Jet

Running a Lucky Jet sweepstakes is a unique experience that can be improved by being patient and integrating one or more strategies into the process. It is important to emphasize here that tactics are not a guarantee of victory, but bring it closer.

Strategies for winning at Lucky Jet

All existing strategies for Lucky Jet are based on an understanding of the game mechanics. The tactics used by gamblers increase or decrease risks, so it is better to test them in the demo version of the slot.

Long game

The strategy is indispensable for beginning gamblers, as it reduces the risk of significant losses. The essence of the scheme is to stop the pilot at the minimum multipliers, for example, ranging from x0.1 to x1.09. Despite the fact that the strategy often gives a positive result, there is always a chance to lose.


Automatic play is an option built into Lucky Jet. It is preferable to focus on low odds and set an auto limit – the system will independently stop the character and take the winnings. Despite the small income this trick provides, it allows you to receive it regularly.

Medium risk

The strategy is riskier than the systems described above. It is proposed to play with multipliers ranging from x2-x3. The tactics are based on the frequency of occurrence of such odds – they can be observed on the playing field in 38-40% of cases. This is a good solution for those who want to increase their investment by 1.5-2 times.

High risk

The essence of the scheme is to wait for the big X. If you analyze the statistics, it becomes clear that large odds come every 7-8 minutes. The task is to monitor what is happening and wait for the combination of small X’s. Now you can activate auto – output to x10. The strategy is risky, but allows you to get the maximum profit. In this case, the gambler can lose most of the balance.

Double bet

A good option for beginner players. The slot has a function where you can make two bets at the same time. According to the tactics, in the first cell the bet is set on auto withdrawal at odds up to x1.5. The second window is taken manually, and x should not exceed x2. This is a working scheme aimed at maintaining balance, as well as gradually increasing it.


Lucky Jet betting has built-in statistics, as well as a system that publishes the results of other players. Monitoring this information allows you to optimize any strategy used and identify patterns. You can also use signals for Lucky Jet. They are issued by a special program that can be downloaded to a PC. Its algorithms suggest the coefficient at which the pilot will stop next time. The forecasting program based on the experience of players gives positive results and allows you to win quite large sums.

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